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      Cut&paste text to new row



           I'm completely new on Filemaker, trying to get a grip on how stuff works. I'm working on a simple member system and found myself stuck. I need a system where I can list the missions of the members. When a mission has ended, I want to move the text to a "past missions" field, listing all past missions after each other with a button.

           So what I'm trying to do is cut the text from the mission field and moving it to a new row on the past mission field. Any tips on how to do this?

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               You can drag and drop text from one field to another if you enable that option in preferences.

               But this sounds like a case where you have one record when you should have many and in at least two related tables:


               A portal to Missions can then list all missions for a given missionary, both past and present. A status field can be changed to designate which mission is the current mission and starting a new mission then does not require any such cut and paste, you just start a new Mission record in the portal.