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CVL Values Won't Duplicate with Record

Question asked by RachelMills on Apr 22, 2015
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CVL Values Won't Duplicate with Record


My very first forum post, so I'm hopeful someone can point me in the right direction. We have a rather simple database that contains a few tables, used as a healthcare EHR. 

Right now, we have a script to duplicate a record (a doctor's note), and then remove specific fields that are a bad idea to duplicate- date of service, patient complaint, etc.This allows us to create a new note from the last one, and have information specific to the patient carry-over (avoiding duplicate entry). Medications, diagnosis and basic demographics all carry over into the duplicated note. It works beautifully- EXCEPT.... For our diagnosis section, the conditional value list actual values selected in the original note don't duplicate through to the new note.

They are a category (which does carry over) and a sub-category (which does not). Sub-category is conditionally set up to only show those related to the category.  

An example: 

In my visit with you today, I decide you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (more than likely due to your new work software).

I first select the category from a drop down list (pulling from a table): Anxiety Disorder. When I do, the next field (where I choose the actual diagnosis) then filters to show me a drop down of only disorders that deal with Anxiety. I sub-select from that drop down "Generalized Anxiety Disorder". 

You come back tomorrow and I see you again. I duplicate today's note, and Anxiety Disorder (main category) duplicates perfectly- but- nothing appears in the Sub-Category (i.e., I am missing the actual diagnosis). 

I have Googled this to the ends of the earth and can't find anyone who's even having this issue, let alone the solution, which leads me to believe.... there's something wrong with me! 

I did try "Copy Record" instead of duplicate record in the script- and something even scarier happened. It did duplicate both the category and sub-category- BUT- when I attempted to change the sub-category in any way- it removed the value from the original record!