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CVT Issues

Question asked by DavisSmith on Jun 12, 2015
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CVT Issues


I don't know the proper notation for describing relationships but I'll do the best I can.

My problem is that I have a CVT that filters properly but I can't get the correct name to display on the field I have on top of the ID.

My main table is called quote and my list of sinks is called kitchen sinks and their colors are listed under kitchen sink colors.

My relationships are: Quote::SinkID = Kitchen Sinks::SinkID. Kitchen Sinks::Color Group = Kitchen Sink Colors::Color Group.

Then on my quote I have the field Quote::ColorSerial with a value list that uses the serial and Kitchen Sink Colors::SinkName fields, and shows only related values from Quote. On top of the ColorSerial field I have the field Kitchen Sink Colors::ColorName. Instead of ColorName changing with the serial, it only displays the first record in the color group currently being used.