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Daily Payment Log

Question asked by SASiman11 on Jan 13, 2010
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Daily Payment Log


Hi everyone.  I'm really new to Filemaker, so forgive me if this is a dumb question.


I work at a dance studio and our studio owner refuses to cross over into the 21st century and use a computer to organize students and financials.  I've been a student at the studio for 24 years and a teacher for 10.  She's entrusted me to make our studio website, so I figure if I can give her a basic format to use at the studio I may be able to talk her into using a database to keep track of students and money.


I've already made a layout with 3 tabs - Student Information, Emergency Contact Information, and the third is their monthly tuition and costume payments. Now, clearly this last tab will keep track of what they've paid in their file.  Here's where I'm stuck. I want there to be a log at the end of the night that keeps track of ALL payments taken and entered into the database that day.  We keep track of money per night and usually have to hand it in to her scratched onto a piece of paper with a break down of "total money collected for costumes" , "total money collected for tuition", etc. then "total of all money collected this night".  Hence, why I'd like to have a log automatically generated at the end of the night that we can just print out.  Furthermore, I'd like it to also keep a monthly count and yearly.  


This may be so simple that I'm missing it, or it may not even be possible with this software.  Like I said, I'm new to Filemaker.  Please let me know if you can help! Thank you :)


PS - I have version 10.0v1 (12-02-2008) and I'm working on a Mac running Snow Leopard.