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Daily record count data to export to excel

Question asked by jonnyt on Dec 14, 2009
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Daily record count data to export to excel


I asked this question aaaages ago back in FM6. I thought there now might be a way to do it in fm10 with the new variables etc


I want to be able to export the daily record count along with the date for each day in a given time period.


Then I want to be able to produce a line graph showing the fluctuations in the number of records created each day over a period of time.


I currently have a field called recordCount = Get(FoundCount)

I also have a layout with a sub summary when sorted by dateRecordAdded


This produces a nice looking report with the daily new record counts. owever, it wont allow me to export to excel and if I save to a pdf the I cant cut and paste or anything into excel to be able to produce the graph.



How can I achieve this?


I was thinking along the lines of creating 2 global variables and

1) building up a string with comma seperated dates e.g 01/01/2009, 02/01/2009, 03/01/2009 etc

2) building up a string eith comma seperated daily record counts e.g. 200, 210, 219 etc


I then join the two global variable string sup in a text editor and then save as a csv file


In excel I need to have the dates in row 1 and the values in row 2 - once I have that its really easy to produce the line graph.



Any thoughts and guidance on the best way to do this would be greatly appreciated!!