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Daily room booking

Question asked by Jarvis on Jul 31, 2013
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Daily room booking


     hi everyone

     i'm a beginner in FM Pro and a room reservation coordinator in my school. i wouldl like to ask your expertise on how i will create my database. this is a daily room reservation. i'm using FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced. this is the requirement:

booking type: room A and room B

building: building 1, building 2 and building 2

time slot: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm 4pm, 5pm

     if the teacher selected room A then building 1 and 1pm, it will go another page for registration process and added to a list. if other teacher will try to book a room, the 1pm slot will not show anymore.

     please guys help me. don't know where to find help. thank you very much.