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    Daily Script -- dates "past due"



      Daily Script -- dates "past due"


           I'm on FMP11, and our companyt uses Server (though I do not maintain the Server, nor know how to run it).

           I'd like to have an automatic script run daily that checks a "due date" field, and emails a report a list of records that are due that day, as well as a list of records that are past due.

           I don't know how to set scripts to run daily at a certain time.  But here's what I presume:

           a)  The script is within the database.

           b)  the "run script" setting is set on the Server, at a certain time.

           b)  At the designated time, the server opens the database and runs the script.   The script runs the report and emails the results. 


           Please confirm if I'm correct.  Thanks!

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               a) yes, but only if you create such a script

               b) It's called a schedule and you use the same part of the admin console that you'd use to schedule a back up of the database to schedule the script to run.

               c) Not quite, a database hosted by server is always open. Also you'll need to use an SMTP email server in order to send mail from the server scheduled script, a local email client is not an option for this.

               d) if all else fails, it's also possible to use an OS based scheduler to open a FileMaker file on your machine at a specified time each day. This "robot" file can open and connect to the hosted file and perform a script in the hosted file. This script runs as a client of the hosted database and makes it possible to send maile vial an email client instead of an SMTP email server.