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Daily total for a field

Question asked by RaeCrothers on Dec 1, 2013
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Daily total for a field


     One last problem with my timesheet table. I would like to add that I have done research with Google, the FMP manual, and searching the forum for all my queries, but I haven't had any luck finding anything that relates to my exact question. I really appreciate the help I got with my previous two questions as they provided the answers I needed.

     I think this is an easy one. I am including a screen grab.

     Each of the three sections has an 'earned' field with five repetitions along for up to five entries per day in each section. I want the total of all the entries in that field for that day only. So if I had done five transcription jobs worth $20 each on December 1st, I'd want the field to the right of the transcription section to report $100. On December 2nd, I would want that field to revert back to 0. Again, the summary field is of no help since it carries over from day to day.

     I'm pretty sure the answer is going to be a function like cMonth that I used for my question about the monthly total. If that's the case, I bet there's a similar function for a yearly total?

     Thanks again!