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Damaged file

Question asked by mb123 on Jan 31, 2013
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Damaged file


     I tried to open one of the files and it's telling me the file is damaged and to use the recover function. I did that and it seemed to work, or at least let me open the file. The file is an contact form and one of the tabs in it allows me to sign the people up for certain events. When I try to sign up a person in the reovered file it keeps wanting to open the old file and then again telling me it's damaged. Also, this contact file links to other files in our database. When I try to use the other files and it tries to pull information from the contact file, it does the same thing, tries to open the old file and tells me it's damaged.

     I am not a database person. I know how to input things but that is about it. Filemaker was bought before I satrted working here and now no one here knows how to use/fix it. Any help would be appreciated it.