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    Damaged Filemaker File



      Damaged Filemaker File


      I was using a DB i built and out of nowhere it crashed the program. My computer did not crash, just the Filmaker DB. I did however have a backup but it was a little old. I went to recover the file and was provided a txt file. I am unsure how to recover the DB. Do I import this into my backup somehow.

      Any advice and/or direction on this would be helpful.


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          Launch FileMaker without opening the file.

          Select Recover from the File menu

          After the recover is complete, open your older back up copy and use save a copy as... with the clone option to get a copy of your back up that has no records. Open this clone and import all your data from your recovered copy into this back up clone to get an undamaged copy of the file with all your most recent data. You might first run a recover on this older copy to make sure that Recover doesn't identify any issues with it as sometimes there's hidden damage in a file that hasn't affected behavior of your file in any way that you've yet noticed.

          Bottom line:

          1. Never use a recovered file if you have any alternative such as an undamaged back up file.
          2. Make lots of back up copies and retain multiple back up copies going back a long ways in time.