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    damaged installation disk



      damaged installation disk


      Hi folks,


      I wrote the serial number for my copy of Filmaker Pro Advanced 9 on the disk with a fine felt pen and it actually impressed throughout the disk and cannot be read. This has never happend before.


      Does anyone know if it is possible to download a version of Filmaker Pro Advanced 9 from any site? Or whether Filemaker will provide a replacement disk for the cost of postage plus reasonable costs?



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          Try FileMaker... Maybe with proof of purchase and a valid serial and after pleading mercy... they might send you a disk only

          to use with your S/N

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            Thank you for your post.


            Yes, you can get a replacement CD.  The easiest way to do this is through the FileMaker Store online.  From the main Store page, click on the link "Purchase Replacement CDs, Manuals".


            On the next screen, click on the "select a product" pop-up, select "Pro 9 Advanced CD" and Add to cart.  This should get you going.


            Let me know if you run into any difficulty.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Filemaker Store Australia does not have this option, so I tried Filemaker Store US/Canada. When I followed the prompts and typed in licencing key, it accepted that, and then it took me to the details page where I began to type my Australian address details. At this point though one of the required fields was US Sate or CAN and as I could not select either I could not continue. However, I thought I would try again, but as I had already verified my licencing key it would not allow me to enter it again on 'try number 2' saying that this had already been verified, and that I would need another one. So it appears that I have reached a dead end.


              I really appreciated the help, thanks.

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                Please contact our office in Australia.  Go directly to:




                They should be able to work with you to get a replacement.  If you still have difficulty, please let me know, and I'll contact the appropriate people in Australia to contact you.



                FileMaker, Inc.