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Damn, this forum is extremely discouraging!

Question asked by KevinMoody on Nov 14, 2014
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Damn, this forum is extremely discouraging!


I just don't understand how come my posts never get any responses!!! I thought this was supposed to be a place where people with issues come to seek guidance from the experts... I see all sorts of posts, that get comments, and no one ever comments on mine, no one points me in the right direction...

I get nothing.


Its hard as hell to find a reliable filemaker developer, I have been on freelancer, fivrr... and the like...


So I try to learn myself and no one is here to say anything... not even a moderator...smh




I would like to choose a number of colors and have it linked to a price matrix and add script that would count the total number of items for the selected design and populate that field with the correct value.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.