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    Damn, this forum is extremely discouraging!



      Damn, this forum is extremely discouraging!


      I just don't understand how come my posts never get any responses!!! I thought this was supposed to be a place where people with issues come to seek guidance from the experts... I see all sorts of posts, that get comments, and no one ever comments on mine, no one points me in the right direction...

      I get nothing.


      Its hard as hell to find a reliable filemaker developer, I have been on freelancer, fivrr... and the like...


      So I try to learn myself and no one is here to say anything... not even a moderator...smh




      I would like to choose a number of colors and have it linked to a price matrix and add script that would count the total number of items for the selected design and populate that field with the correct value.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          This forum is for user to help other users and then report issue to filemaker.    Tech support employees monitor some of the post.  Mainly to make sure everyone is following the guidelines.   Most users that post on here are doing so free of charge and on their own time.  They help because they love filemaker and helping others.   My time and I'm sure other user time is valuable, and just don't have time to invest in some issues.  

          You don't need a script to count items, you would use a calculation field.  It would be too slow to use a script. Relationships affect the calculations, so I would suggested reading up on relationship and calculations.

          You can use conditional formatting to set the color based on a condition, so lookup conditional formatting.  From the screen shot it looks like a bunch of fields are set to a color which can also be done in layout mode.

          Here is a link to training material


          I would suggest asking one question at a time and give more details about that one question, as I said most users time is limited.


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            Thank you sir, for at least responding.  I really appreciate that, and I will look into the videos.

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              The folks here on the forum, like Phil, and others, seem to me to work tirelessly to help others. (Phil, don't you ever sleep?)

              With a couple books, a couple months of effort creating some apps and the excellent support I've gotten on this forum, I've taught myself filemaker. The help I've gotten on this forum has been, in a word, incredible.

              I would recommend that you try a couple of filemaker resources. The File Maker "Missing Manual" series is quite good and starts at square zero. For more advanced needs, there is the filemaker developer training series. You can order that right on the FM site. What makes the training series so useful is that it comes with demo files and videos!

              There is also an extensive filemaker course on Lynda.com.

              Since I spend most of my time in an object oriented development environment, filemaker is sometimes quite frustrating since I have to more or less live in the script window. Yet, having said that, it's totally amazing how fast I can put together a beautiful application in a fraction of the time as with other tools.

              Plus, productivity aside, filemaker is just fun to use.


              - m

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                Thanks! I went through all of the lynda tutorials. All of them lol, I will buy the filemaker pack now... Thanks for responding to me