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    Dashboard - Display multiple records in "form view"



      Dashboard - Display multiple records in "form view"


      How do you display multiple records in form view?  i'm attempting to create a dashboard in form view that displays multiple records in a portal, but it only displays the first record.


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          A portal will display all records that are related to the current layout record and that aren't filtered out by any portal filter. If you see only one record, chances are there is only one related record or you've specified a filter in portal set up that is filtering them out...

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            i'm guessing im not explaining myself or articulating what i'm trying to do.

            i have a table with 20 records in it and a layout "form" view that shows each record seperately.

            im trying to build a dashboard in "form" view layout that brings in various fields from that table.  the dashboard layout is assoicated to the same table which the 20 records are stored in.  If i switch to "table" view i see all the records, but i dont want the "table" view.

            The dashboard that im trying to build will display all records and when a record is selected a chart will graph the various other fields that are assoicated to that record i select.

            am i going about this the right way or is there a better way to create dashboards in FMP

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              You mentioned a portal? And you last post does not mention any such portal...

              A portal requires a relationship and is usually added to a layout so that you can work with multiple related records as displayed in that portal.

              Form View only display one record from the table specified in Layout Setup..., Show Records From. That's what it is designed to do. If you want to see multiple records you need to use table view, list view or a portal.

              Let's say your table of 20 records is called Main. You can create this relationship in Manage | Database | Relationships:

              Main::MainID X Main 2::MainID

              where Main 2 is a second table occurrence of Main created by selecting Main in Manage | Database | Relationships and then clicking the button with two green plus signs. You change the = operator to X by double clicking the line that links these two table occurrences. (X is a "match all values" operator and you can use any field in your table as the key field in this relationship.)

              Now you can place a portal to Main 2 on a layout that specifies "Main" in Show Records From in Layout Setup... and you will see all your records from Main listed in the portal.

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                THANK YOU!..........