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    Dashboard Help



      Dashboard Help


      I'm trying to create a dashboard with a few widgets on it but having some problems getting the first widget to work. Simple want to count the number of AlertIDs  and show them in a total per month on my widget.. Incorrect data  (totals) is showing up in my Portal.

      Help. I have include  PICs of the Relationship, Tables, and Portal 


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            DashBoard Table

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              Months Table

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                Alert Table... Link to Months table

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                  MonthsAll Portal  ( Code)

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                    MonthsAll Portal Data.... ( Incorrect totals)   LAST POST



                     Thank you

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                      But on what Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? is your layout based?


                      Dashboard 2?

                      or ???

                      That context is the starting point for how any relationships function for your dashboard layout.

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                        DashBoard .... Dashboard2 was  other test.

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                          Do you have one record in Months for each month of the year?

                          You have a global field in Months, Active. That means that either all records in the table are active or none of them are active given the global storage specified for this field. That would seem a wrong relationship here given that you are using Active as a match field between MonthsAll and Dashboard. But given the name MonthsAll, I suspect that you want to match any record in Dashboard to all records in Months. If so, you should use the X operator here instead of =. And from what I see here, there is no need to make Active a field with global storage at all. Keep it as a regular, stored calculation field. (Global calculation fields have funky rules for how/when they update so are best not used unless you have a specific need to use them that relies on how those rules work.)

                          You can tell that your counts are incorrect, but I cannot, I just see numbers displayed with the same field used twice in the portal row.

                          My best guess is that something isn't right in your relationships linking Months to AlertsPerMonth. If I were you, I'd set up a layout based on Months and put a portal to AlertsPerMonth on it to see what records (and data) actually appear in the portal. Either some fields don't have the correct data, don't have the correct data type or some other detail isn't matching a given record in Months to the correct record in Alerts. Once you can get the correct records to appear in this unfiltered portal, your calculation fields should then start showing the correct counts.


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                            So.. ... Dashboard to MonthsAll ----  DashBoard::FieldDashBoard(NotGlobal)  X  MOnthsAll::FieldMonthsAll(Notglobal)

                            FieldDashBoard = "sometextvalue"

                            FieldMonthsAll = "sometextvalue"


                            What about the relationship between Months and AlertsPerMonth

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                              Portal not showing one month per row and total are the total for the year in every row...... Should look like

                               1/14    50 

                              2/14     150 

                              3/14     5893

                              4/14      582

                              .......an so on

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                                Which portal? The original one on your dashboard or the one in your latest screen shot?

                                What I see in your latest screen shot, should list every alert for the month of January 2014 to January 31, 2015. I would not expect it to have one row for each month unless you never have more than one record in alerts for each month. This portal is not intended to replace the one on your dashboard but rather to check and see what data your calculation fields in Months are referencing in order to compute their values.

                                Those seem like the wrong start and end dates for a record in a table called "months" and certainly does not describe the typical "quarter" of a year or fiscal year, but that's the data that I see in your last screen shot.