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DashBoard Help 2

Question asked by TracyBogans on Mar 15, 2015
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DashBoard Help 2


I have the following tables   All Alerts( Alert Information)  and  Agent (Agent Information, Name, Shift) . these two tables are tied together using the username. Within Alert Table  there are field like  ID, DateofRecord, MonthofRecord

Example:  DateofRecord,            2/13/2015

                MonthofRecord           2/1/2015

Agent Table has ID, Agent Name, Username, Shift

example: Shift is stored as 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Trying to create a Dashboard  that would show

Shift totals by Month, Day, and weekly example

ShiftNAme            Jan 2015    Feb 2015

S1                          50                100

S2                          25                  50

S3                          25                  75

Then another Portal by day

ShiftName    Mon 2/1   Tues 2/2     Wed 2/3  Thur2/4   Fri 2/5  Sat 2/6   Sun2/7

S1                  10              10            10                0           0        15       5

S2                  10              10              0                0           0         0        5

S3                    5                5              5                0           5        5         0                                                                          

Just example... willing to trying other idea on how to show this... but must be in a dashboard. 

If you could example/explain to Relationship between the need tables

DashBoard ====> MainTableOccurrence1 =====>MainTable

 things like  how maintable occurrence1 will only pull selected records from MainTable (Using calculation  like  g_globalfromMTO1 =Maintable::field1

 g_globalfromMTO1 >=Maintable::field1

 g_globalfromMTO1  x Maintable::field1


Sorry, just trying to get the key elements needed to create this Dashboard relationship