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Dashboard of Portals - 101 Required

Question asked by mnelsons on Dec 11, 2014
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Dashboard of Portals - 101 Required


I have a very simple dashboard request that I can't seem to resolve.   Tables involved are (Clients) (Quotes) (Quote Details).  I have a field called Status in my (quotes) table.  I would like a screen to have 3 portal views which would place the quote in the proper "Portal View" depending on the field "Status".  


My trouble is that it's always linking to Client #1 and limiting the rest of the data from showing.   I know it's a relationship that i've not created but I can't seem to find the first steps to understanding how to pull this off.  I see complicated solutions posted but can't wrap my head around it yet so looking for the easiest way to grasp the relation required.  Thanks!