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    Dashboard Question



      Dashboard Question


      I have a solution to track basketball player workouts.

      I have the Player Table that is connected to a shooting table to track makes and misses in Free Throws in workouts,


      Player::_pk_PlayerID=Free Throw Shooting::_fk_PlayerID


      I setup another occurrence of Player .... Player2 and set it up Player2::First Name X Player::College,

      The Dashboard allows me to list all of my players and information about them.

      What I want to do is to be able to Have a portal from the dashboard whenever someone shoots 80% in free throw shooting in a particular day. For Free Throws we always shoot 25, the shots attempted field is a global field that always is set to 25. I can filter the portal to records with 20 or more made shots in a day to pull the record, but I don't know how to get the data to the dashboard as I know I m missing a step somewhere.

      The Chart is below 


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          Which of the above table occurrences is the basis for your layout?

          I don't see this: "...and set it up Player2::First Name X Player::College" any where in your screen shot.

          Isn't "freethrows" just one of several different drills to a workout?

          If so, you'll need to specify the drill in a portal filter, relationship match or an ExecuteSQL calculation before the data from Drill Stats becomes just Freethrow makes and misses.

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            I figured the dashboard out Phil thanks. We track shooting in one particular drill we call ring the bell. We have our players shoot 25 long range shots and if they make 20 or more it is called ringing the bell. Is there a way to count the number of times a player would make 20 or more shots n that particular drill?  I made a table called ring the bell, this way I can track it. I set the takes as a global field to set to 25 for every time they shoot a ring the bell drill. I'd like to list on a portal the leaders on the team for getting 20 or more so John Appleseed rung the bell 8 times, where Mike Miller range it 2 times and so on and so on.