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Dashboard Style Layout Using Portals

Question asked by garyjones on Apr 5, 2014
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Dashboard Style Layout Using Portals



     I am a newbie and struggling a bit with relationships and portals though what I am trying to attempt may not be possible and would be grateful for any advice.

     I have created a series of databases that manage magazine assets etc such as images and editorial and these work well.

     There is also a table which contains the various production stage deadline dates for 4 monthly magazines. I have attached a screen shot showing the table, though this only shows the dates etc for just a couple editions of each mag.

     I have been trying to build a dashboard-type display that shows the key deadline dates in a panel display for each mag, the edition title and a countdown to two stages by comparing the tables dates in an If calculation that uses Get(Current Date) etc.

     To do this I created a database with a layout and one single record that acts as the Dashboard page. I then placed a portal on the page that relates to the Schedule table and placed its fields within a graphic sitting in the portal. My objective is to get all four panels displayed on one single page. Attached is a rough screen grab that shows the general idea albeit only one panel.

     The problem I have is only one record is showing in the portal and when I have played with fields and other relationship definitions there have been more records in the portal but they show the same date.

     Do I need four portals on the page? If anyone could help clarify what I am doing wrong and the correct relationship etc I would appreciate it.