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Dashboard-like thing for filemaker.

Question asked by Kristoffernolgren on Apr 20, 2010
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Dashboard-like thing for filemaker.


Okay, so I'm pretty new to filemaker and have this problem. I don't even know what question to ask, so if there is already a solution, out there somewhere, i'm sorry for bugging you. I tried to search but couldn't find anything.


Here is the scenario:


I'm designing a database for a sertain workflow. Every time a customer calls there are a number of predefined tasks that ought to be done. Every time a new customer calls a new dataline is created in a table called "Assignments", every assignment get's an assignment ID there is also an other table called "tasks". Every task has an ID and a name. For every assignment, every task can get checked of from a checklist. When a task is checked of, the taskID and assignment ID get's added to a new row in a jointable. 


I want to create a new layout where all non completed (not all tasks are checked of) are displayed, so you can see ongoing assignments.


The condition i'd like to create is "if the number of datarows in the jointable with a specific assignmentID are less than the total number of rows in the task table" Display this assignmentID in a list.