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Data access through a portal from end to end of a relationship

Question asked by johnsmith_1 on Mar 12, 2011
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Data access through a portal from end to end of a relationship



I am trying to acess data from a table at one end of the relationship through a portal to a table in the other end of the relationship and I don't know how to do it.


Action table:


Staff table:


Appraisal joint table:


Manual table:


Procedure table:




In the Manual table layout I have a tab named Appraisal where I can put the Full Name as well as Job Title and the Department of the Staff that acted as: Originator, Reviewer (Reviewed by) and Approver (Approved by) of the document named Manual. 
No problem here, using a portal I can choose who was the originator, the reviewers and the approvers of the Manual.
With the established relationship even the same person can be reviewer and approver. Here is a picture:


The problem surfaces when I am trying to do the same from a portal on the Procedures table. 

My goal is to use the established relationship between:

the Staff and Action tables with the Manual table through the Appraisal joint table;
the relationship between the Manual and the Procedure tables.

To choose the names, job titles and departments of the staff acting as originator, reviewer and approver.

I wrongly thought that since the table relationships are rightly established, I could use a portal on the Procedure table layout to get data from the Staff table. But as soon as I set up the portal in the Procedure table layout to do it, I get a snapshot of what currently is on the portal on the Manual layout.

What is the right way to derive data from one end of a relationship (Staff table) into the opposite end (Procedures table)?