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Data Autofill with Linked Tables

Question asked by oman on Jan 29, 2014
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Data Autofill with Linked Tables


     Hi everyone,

     I have two tables that are linked together. When I create a new record in one table, I want to be able to assign an object name to that ticket, using data (list of names) from a field in the other table, and have it auto populate other fields based on that assignment.

     I have two tables: Objects & Maintenance

Objects Table Fields:

     Object ID (primary key)

     Object Name

     Object Type


Maintenance Table Fields:

     Object ID

     Ticket ID (primary key)

     Maintenance Need


     The two are linked through the Object ID field.


     I have a maintenance layout that displays:

     Object ID (from the maintenance table that is linked to the Objects table)

     Ticket ID (from the maintenance table)

     Maintenance Need (from the maintenance table)

     Object Name (from the Objects table)

     Object Type (from the Objects table)

     When a new record is created in the maintenance layout, it automatically generates a new Ticket ID number. The user then needs to specify which object Name from the Objects Table should be associated with this Ticket ID.

     I’d like the user to be able to select the Object Name from a drop down list in that field, and then have the Object ID, and Object Type fill in automatically on the Maintenance layout.

     Currently I am unable to select anything in the Object Name field in this view. I can select the Object ID field, fill in a number and the fields fill in. I created a work around that allows me to select an Object ID using a drop down menu but display related Object Names instead of the ID number, but this is not ideal as users intuitively want to select it within the Object Name field.

     Any help with this would be amazing. It’s one of the last bugs I need to figure out before things will be working smoothly.