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Data base synchronization

Question asked by EdwardAlvarez on Jan 29, 2014
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Data base synchronization


     I am looking to start a big project with our current data bases. we are a Valet company and we are currently using 4 unique data bases. I want to combine all 4 data bases and make everything more simple for our day to day operations.
     We have a contracts data base where we manage all of our private parties quote/contracts, there is an invoice data base where we manager the billing for our recurring clients (permanent locations), there is a contact data base where we input all of employees contact information (phone numbers, emails, availability, violations notes etc.) and we have our payroll data base where we input hours and locations worked.
     I am looking to add a 5th data base which would be a calendar and this is where we will manage the schedule (I am the scheduler/ IT person), i am currently using an excel spread sheet to enter the employees requests to the schedule. To give you a better understanding on how our scheduling process works, we add the events on a weekly basis and send email to all of our employees with the schedule for the week, they pick and choose what then can/want to work, send us a email requesting the job they want. I then add their names to the spread sheet and then send them a confirmation email.
     I want to step away from this spread sheet and create a calendar (I have downloaded a few templates and will start playing with them) to replace the way we are currently managing the scheduling. But i want all the data bases to be sync with each other.
     For example, when scheduling someone to a job i want to be able to pick an employee name from a drop down list populated from the contacts data base, i also want to be able to transfer the information on the calendar (the event they worked along with the hours worked) to the payroll data base and ultimately i want to add the approved events to the calendar from the quotes/contract data base.
     I know all this is possible, but i would like some advance on which direction to take to better approach this project. Should I start all data bases from scratch or should i work with i already have. I think working with I already have would be a lot easier and i would just be a matter of adding features to each data base.
     Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!