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data entry design question (newbie)

Question asked by RachelG on Feb 21, 2012
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data entry design question (newbie)


I am struggling with a data entry design question that I would love any feedback on.

Each of the organizations in my org table could perform many services in my services table. I have a table with a unique pk of org_service to track this. Each of these services for each of these orgs has many age ranges that could apply to the service, part-time and full-time offerings for these services, different admission schedules and tuition costs. I have 4 tables set up that use an org_service_ID as the foreign key to capture these relationships.

From a data entry point of view I am now trying to design a layout that makes sense to the user when entering the service information for an organization.

What combination of layout tools might best work to minimize user confusion ? (I am thinking portals might be an answer but I don't really understand how I could use them effectively in a data entry situation.)

Thanks in advance for any insight.