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Data entry example or starter solution?

Question asked by TomTreiman on Apr 10, 2015
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Data entry example or starter solution?


I'm new to FM (just got FM Pro 13). I used to use MS Access.

I am looking for a simple example or starter solution for an iPad data entry file. (If not, I'll be back here posting question after question...)

My users will have a schedule (tblSchedule) that tells them when/where they need to do a survey.

They will:

  1. select the appropriate when/where from tblSchedule.
  3. go to a new record in tblHeader (linked to tblSchedule) where they enter some data (such as weather and other conditions) for that survey
  5. go from tblHeader to a new (linked) record in tblSurvey where they enter a bunch of records (name, age, etc.) for each interview in the survey

I can get all the tables set up and forms made but I really have no clue how to do all the moving around...

I know this sounds like I'm asking someone else to do all my work, but I'm just hoping someone has a similar example (or that there's a starter solution) that can get me going.