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Data Entry in Layout

Question asked by WilliamLivingston on Jan 3, 2014
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Data Entry in Layout


     I have created several tables of static data (product, client, analyst etc) and then have them related to another table (Sales Coverage) via a field in each called ID (which is just a serial id for records).  


     Sample relationship -

     I then created a layout that pulls various elements from the tables to display the actual values/attributes.  I would like to be able to use the layout for data entry/updates, but as it is set up now, if I change a data point in the layout (for example, change the frequency) it updates all records in that field and overwrites the static table "Frequency".  

     How would i configure this set-up so the layout will only update the "Sales Coverage" table and not the static tables that are related to it.  

     Any help would be appreciated (i am very new to this, so please excuse if this is a very basic question) Thank you