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Data entry into indexed fields - FM Pro 13

Question asked by DanielleWilson on Apr 14, 2015
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Data entry into indexed fields - FM Pro 13


I have one database with 2 lay-outs.  Some of the fields are indexed between the 2 lay-outs so that data pertaining to one lay-out can be read on the other lay-out. Now I need to change that relationship.  I would still like the 2 fields to be indexed between the lay-outs but I would like to be able to edit the fields in 1 lay-out.   Essentially one lay-out (No. 2) is for paid up members of a professional body.  The other lay-out (No. 1) pertains to the whole organisation.  But not all people in No. 1 are members of No. 2.  But I still want data in 2 of the fields to be editable in No. 1 layout.    Do not want to stop the info from the fields in No. 2 still appearing in No. 1.  Anyone have any suggestions how to do this?  Thanks for any help.