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Data Entry only and disabled printing

Question asked by MichaelMykytyn on Dec 9, 2010
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Data Entry only and disabled printing



We're looking at the possibility using FM Pro, FM Pro Server and FM Go on an IPad to support some data collection.  Before doing so we need to test to be sure that we're compliant and secure and have set up a model using the trial editions of all three products. Unfortunately we've come across some concerns and hoping somebody can help.

1) Is it possible to limit the ability to browse a database? We've been using the data entry only privileges set for the accounts that would be used however it still appears the users can scroll through all records in all of the views. We need the ability to do that.

2) Is there a privilege set or administrative function anywhere that gives us the ability to turn printing off on the client. Our data collectors don't need to print.

Thanks in advance!