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Data entry script

Question asked by PiersPlowman on Feb 22, 2009
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Data entry script


I am trying to modify a template database (in this case Filemaker Business Tracker) -offered a few years back.

The Invoice layout is set up so that upon entering the product id in the left column the description is automatically entered and it auto tabs to the third column.

I changed the first column to my own order code and set up my own value list. I have a drop down menu in the left column which calls up the order code and item name, except that it will no longer auto enter the item name in the second column as before.

I assume this runs off a script but after a few head banging hours I can't find the relevant script to modify.

Question 1: Is there a way I can identify a script attached to a particular layout?

Question 2: Is there some trigger in the field control I have missed?

Question 3: Is it something else that in my complete ignorance I don't know about?

Any pointers or help gratefully received.