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    Data entry script



      Data entry script


      I am trying to modify a template database (in this case Filemaker Business Tracker) -offered a few years back.

      The Invoice layout is set up so that upon entering the product id in the left column the description is automatically entered and it auto tabs to the third column.

      I changed the first column to my own order code and set up my own value list. I have a drop down menu in the left column which calls up the order code and item name, except that it will no longer auto enter the item name in the second column as before.

      I assume this runs off a script but after a few head banging hours I can't find the relevant script to modify.

      Question 1: Is there a way I can identify a script attached to a particular layout?

      Question 2: Is there some trigger in the field control I have missed?

      Question 3: Is it something else that in my complete ignorance I don't know about?

      Any pointers or help gratefully received. 

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          triggers are new to fmp10 so given this soln is old... not a trigger...


          best thing to do is run db design report and hunt the field name on the layout...


          that said, if you are certain it is not a script, your best bet would be looking in the table for calculated or auto-enter fields. 

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            Thanks for this but maybe I should give more detail.

            This is a line item invoice. Entries from an "Item" table linked to a "Product" table by Product_Code. Entry of the Product Code from a drop down list automatically entered Description and Value and automatically tabbed to the third column for quantity entry.

            Since the Product Code was a sequential number based upon date of entry, I decided to use my own product code which made more sense to us. I created a new field called "Order-Code" which I then linked to the same field in the Product Table.

            On existing invoices this simply replaced all the values correctly through the table linkages as one would expect. However, it will not do the data entry on new invoices. I can select the product (which I have designed to show Code and description) but it will only enter the order code in that column. The description column remains empty and no data goes into the price column either.

            Still baffled.


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                 sounds to me like you added a new field which replaced the original field in the relationships... check the new field "Order-Code" is what is used in the relationships
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                I've done some more work to try to source the problem, including changing the relationship fields. No joy.

                But even so, why is it that pre-existing invoices are able to change along with my structural changes, but new entries of the order code leave the field blank? 

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                  are the field data types the same?


                  are there related data in both tables?


                  lastly, create a new layout set to one table, and insert the related fields on the layout, if you don't see any "related" field values then you have a relationship problem...

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                    I (eventually) deleted the link between the two tables and made a new one based upon my order code. Problem solved!

                    Thank you for sticking with this for me. you have been a real help,