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    Data entry with scanner



      Data entry with scanner


      Hi all,


      Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this.  Pressing 'control arrow down' will advance you to the next record being browsed.  This is great for data entry from the keyboard.  However, when using a hand held scanner and scanning bar codes, it becomes difficult to scan data into consecutive existing records.  I can program the scanner to enter a tab after scanning data, but have not found a way to program a 'control arrow down'.  I have contacted the scanner manufacturer, Motorola (formally Symbol) and they say the scanner does not support that key combination via the Advanced Data Formatting. Scanner is an LS2208, fairly common. FM 9 adv. on Mac


      Any suggestions ?

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             Use a script, with a Custom Dialog box, which waits for data to be scanned into a field.  Don't forget to include the option to cancel!
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            Thanks for the response etripoli!


            I had though about it, but was hoping to use the scanner features.  Sometimes the db lags behind a bit, especially when the server is doing a backup. I'm afraid the script might slow down the process a bit, but unless there are no other solutions, I will experiment.  Do I need to attach a plug-in to the field to "wait for data to be scanned in" ? Im using FM 9 

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              Hmm, you may want to fix the DB lag first.  Are any other lookups or calculations performed after scanning?


              As for waiting for input, initially someone will need to click a button to run the script with the Custom Dialog and Go to Next Record loop, but after that, the Loop will keep it running, until the user clicks Cancel.  You'll just need to check for that within the loop.

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                Yes, there are calculations, but nothing too elaborate.  No lookups.


                The lag comes when the  server backs up the 15 or so databases, some with 400,000 records - Next project will be archiving data through some monthly automation script. That will help the lags during backup.


                Also, did create a script to enter data and jump to next record - works but will still seek a scanner solution using ADF.


                Thanks for your help.