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    Data field will not left align



      Data field will not left align


      I had all of my data the fields in a form left aligned within the field box.  After moving some stuff around some of my data (ie. company name data) is aligned to the right and does not all display within the field box.  I have checked the left, center and right alignment and it is set to left.  I can't figure out what else is forcing the data to the right side and not fit in the field box.  Any ideas of what the issue is?

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          Perhaps there are some invisible characters, such as space or tab to the left of your visible text?

          Click in the field, placing the cursor to the right of the problem text and press the left arrow to move the cursor one character to the left at a time. If there are invisible characters present, you'll see the cursor move through the empty space one character at a time instead of jumping to the end of the next line above in the field.