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data file production and development versions

Question asked by IvanYivoff on Nov 16, 2010
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data file production and development versions


Hello there,

I'm developing a solution where I keep different files for Data and for the Interface Layouts. That way the users can keep working with the data while I keep working on a new version of the Layout, and I just replace the layouts file when needed and everything is nice.

But, there is problem. Now and then I see that I will need to modify the data file structure. Even if I don't want to touch the real schema; because of the way FM works I may need to add a "special" field. A global, a calculation, a summary field.... Normally I'd test those changes the same way that I would on the layouts: work on a dev version, and move it to production when ready.

How would you proceed in those situations? I guess I'm not the first contemplating this sort of situation, and I was wondering if there were any sort of "best practices" for this. I can't just "replace" the production version with the dev version, because there could be loss of data, of course.

Any better way to recreate the dev version in the production but to recreate the new fields one by one?

Thanks and regards,