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Data Issue in Unit Price

Question asked by SueFrost on Oct 9, 2012
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Data Issue in Unit Price


     Today's puzzler ...

     If this isn't a data issue, I'll ... well, I'll think of a suitable punishment.

     The Unit Price field on my Invoice Data table is not calculating properly for certain categories.

     Pricing information originates in the Products & Pricing table. It feeds Inventory and from there, Invoice Data. The Category field which is the relationship between the tables draws its values from the Category value list.

     On the Invoice Data table (via a portal in the Invoice Layout), some of the prices come up properly, others are blank or pull the first price I ever entered. Since some of the prices are right, I feel this must be a data problem. I just can't figure out where else to look. Since it's all driven off the Category value list, the data should be input identically across all tables.

     The code in my Unit Price field is:  If ( Use Tier 2 Price = "Yes"; Inventory Value List::Tier 2 Price; Inventory Value List::Unit Price). 

     I had this code working ... but changed something else (that I don't remember) and now it's broken:


     If (Use Tier 2 Price = "Yes"  or Qty >= Products Pricing::Tier 2 Threshold; 
     Products Pricing::Tier 2 Unit Price; 
     Products Pricing::Unit Price )

     What on earth have I done?