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Data manipulation during Export

Question asked by JoeTaureau on Jan 6, 2010
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Data manipulation during Export


I have no idea if what i wanna do is doable or not, but what i wanna do is...



I have 2 fields to export to a Tab Delimited file. Let's call them "English" and "French". If there's more than one entry in the English field (separated by a carriage return IN THE SAME FIELD), and only one in the French field, all those English entries must be equivalent to the French entry.


Exemple :

English_Main     French_Main English_Sub1 English_Sub2 English_Sub3 English_Sub4


The above exemple must look like this once exported :

English_Main     French_Main English_Sub1     French_Main English_Sub2     French_Main English_Sub3     French_Main English_Sub4     French_Main


But, here's the problem; sometimes, i can have multiple sub-entries in the French field, but only the FIRST one must be used during the exportation. So basically, this : 



English_Main     French_Main English_Sub1     French_SubX English_Sub2     French_SubY English_Sub3     French_SubZ


... must look like this in the exported file : 



English_Main     French_Main English_Sub1     French_Main English_Sub2     French_Main English_Sub3     French_Main


And the other problem is that i must NOT modify the content of the DB itself, that manipulation must be done only while exporting. When the export is done, it must be like it was before the export manipulation.

So, am i shooting in the dark here or there's a way to do this in FM ?


My first idea was to simply duplicate the DB, do the manipulation and then delete the dup, but that doesn't answer my question about moving/copying the data to make it look like what i need in the exported file.