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data not copying from one table to another

Question asked by weedonpaul on Feb 4, 2015
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data not copying from one table to another


I have a field in Customers called client_hours_in_day which auto enters 8 (this is usual working day for us, but one client put 7 in his contract so had to change loads of calculations in last database). I have a field in Lines called hours_in_day this autofills with the calculation hours_in_day = customers::client_hours_in_day but for some reason this is temperamental. I did a test line item and it didn't copy it across, Then I did loads of stuff and it did. I then thought i had fixed it (don't know how because everything was put back to how it was). I then created a  new line item with a different client and the same thing happens it doesn't copy the field???