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Data not displaying (but the records are still there)

Question asked by PhilipGriffiths on Sep 27, 2010
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Data not displaying (but the records are still there)


Hi there!

Pretty new to filemaker (so knowledge is limited).

Having a problem! I have data bases that are grouped by years for example 2008/09 there are sub databases that feed of the main data base again sorted in general by year, this information feeds into a 'home page'. Problem is on one on the database years has suddenly became faulty. The information on the 'homepage' is not showing! The records are still it still tells me there are records (the correct amount of records) but nothing is displaying in the fields. The sub databases are working and displaying. How can I make the information redisplay!

I am a complete novice at filemaker and just maintain the databases, but did not build it, I know how to do basic amendments and operational adjustments ! So need help thanks!