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Data not displaying after row one due to privilege set?

Question asked by jhickam on Jul 30, 2010
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Data not displaying after row one due to privilege set?


I am in FMP 11v2 hosted scenario Mac

I have a normal portal that works fine when logged in as a full access account. However other privilege set users enter the first row fine and then beginning on the second row the data does not display in each field until the row is completed. Once a subsequent portal row is created the data displays correctly. I have:

checked everything "under the hood"

have also played around with field to portal alignment

made the portal rows much bigger than the fields so that I am assured that the fields are entirely within the confines of the field area of the portal (first row).

I have tried grouping and stacking order....

I have looked at all options on the Inspector

All to no avail.

It also appears that the zoom can affect the appearance of data though this seems to be irregular.

Am I looking at a damaged file? Any other ideas?

You may look at a Jing Video that shows this issue by using the following link