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Data not Importing With Records

Question asked by AricKeith on Jan 7, 2015
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Data not Importing With Records


I am running Filemaker Pro 5. We have a number of scripts that must be updated annually in order to calculate monthly sales figures and product shipped.

One of the fields used to filter results is an "order shipped" checkbox. For some reason this year, when I try to import records into the new, updated file all the "order shipped" checkboxes import without being checked.

In other words, most of the records (about 5,000 of them) have been shipped and show "order shipped" checked. But when I import the records, that check is eliminated. I could certainly go back through and manually check the box 5,000 times, but last year when I performed this update I didn't have this problem.

Can anyone suggest a simple possibility that would cause the data not to be transferred with the import?