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    data overlay on jpg image



      data overlay on jpg image


      I am a FM newbie, the scripting language is a mysterious to me so far.
      Here is what I need to accomplish.

      I am making assignments for workers at a race track.

      I want to print a report, this is a diagram of the track with fields ({firstname} {lastname} over the diagram.

      Think of it as a form letter with multiple records (all the records from the worker table) on 1 page, but not in columns or rows.

      i.e. each record will be placed a specific locaion on the diagram.

      Can this be accomplished?

      I have a table of workers with a field named {assignment}, and a table of track positions with a field named {position}

      the relationship is workers::assignment <-> track::position.  multiple workers can be assigned to a track position.

      Any help will be appreciated.

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          The basic method you can use is to put various filtered portals on a form view layout. The portal need not be more than one row tall. I've used this method to show invoice counts on a zip code map so that looking at the map shows you how many customers from each zipcode patronized our business over a user selected date range.

          I would assume that these assignments can change from race event to race event so I'll suggest a third table on which to base your report:

          RaceEvent::EventID = Track::EventID

          Track::position = Workers::assignment.

          Now create a from view layout and paste or insert your jpeg image on to it.

          Add one row portals to Track at each assignment location. Let's say you want to show the worker assigned to position "ABC"...

          Give the portal this filter expression:

          Workers::assignment = "ABC"

          The portals will be identical except for the filter expression, so once you have one working, you can copy and paste it, but open portal set up to update the filter expression for each position.