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data overlay on jpg image

Question asked by eshuler on May 24, 2012
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data overlay on jpg image


I am a FM newbie, the scripting language is a mysterious to me so far.
Here is what I need to accomplish.

I am making assignments for workers at a race track.

I want to print a report, this is a diagram of the track with fields ({firstname} {lastname} over the diagram.

Think of it as a form letter with multiple records (all the records from the worker table) on 1 page, but not in columns or rows.

i.e. each record will be placed a specific locaion on the diagram.

Can this be accomplished?

I have a table of workers with a field named {assignment}, and a table of track positions with a field named {position}

the relationship is workers::assignment <-> track::position.  multiple workers can be assigned to a track position.

Any help will be appreciated.