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    data pull from ACCESS database?



      data pull from ACCESS database?


      I am wondering if there is a good way to pull live data from and MS ACCESS database into my Filemaker Pro db. I think the MS ACCESS db is server via the internet and thus seem that is should be accessible with filemaker. If a connection is possible will it be a read only situation or will I be able to read/write to the ACESS db?


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          Both MS Access and Filemaker support ODBC. So it is possible for either file to serve as the "back end" for the other. In otherwords one system can store the data and the other can read/write data from/to the same tables. It's not simple and you'll need to do some research if you've never done this before. There are a few threads in this forum on the subject. (Click the advanced search link above and try searching under terms like "ODBC" and "Access".)


          These methods link the two database on a Local area network (LAN) not the internet, however.