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    Data Separation



      Data Separation


           I have been working on the design for a Investment Portfolio Management solution.

           I'm interested in people's thoughts regarding data separation between financial data downloaded from the broker-dealer (account details, positions held, transactions, security information, security prices) and the user interface (lookup tables, layouts, reports, scripts, etc.)

           While this initially will be for use in my investment management practice, at some point (and with enough spit and polish) I can see myself offering this solution for sale.

           Pros / Cons?


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               It makes deploying updates to the interface portion of you solution much simpler as you can just replace files without having to import any data from the old copy of your file. But it also makes certain other aspects of your design, such as managing access privileges a bit more complex.

               Here's a link on the concept you may find useful: Convert to Seperation Model