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Data Separation > permission denied

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 28, 2012
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Data Separation > permission denied


I've reworked my business file to be iPad/iPhone friendly (single window centric & sizing)  and plan to finally host file data on web service.

On locally testing separation I get "permission denied" ?

LAN set-up .... I develop & modify with FM11Pro often in "realtime" as client in layout mode.


normally hosted file "TWS_data" - FM10

single client test file "TWS_test" - FM11 pro adv. (test file starts as copy of data file )


With "test file" relationship graph open, on attempt to re-assign table to remote "TWS_data" I get "TWS_data" could not be opened (Permission Denied).

FM10 Permissions management dialog doesn't have "File Access" tab.

my general understanding is that graphic elements are best loaded on client flies that point to data on host.

I'm uneasy about making the web transition as the file in focus is critical for every day business.

I suppose I can sign up and test web with "foe" file.