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    Data Separation > permission denied



      Data Separation > permission denied


      I've reworked my business file to be iPad/iPhone friendly (single window centric & sizing)  and plan to finally host file data on web service.

      On locally testing separation I get "permission denied" ?

      LAN set-up .... I develop & modify with FM11Pro often in "realtime" as client in layout mode.


      normally hosted file "TWS_data" - FM10

      single client test file "TWS_test" - FM11 pro adv. (test file starts as copy of data file )


      With "test file" relationship graph open, on attempt to re-assign table to remote "TWS_data" I get "TWS_data" could not be opened (Permission Denied).

      FM10 Permissions management dialog doesn't have "File Access" tab.

      my general understanding is that graphic elements are best loaded on client flies that point to data on host.

      I'm uneasy about making the web transition as the file in focus is critical for every day business.

      I suppose I can sign up and test web with "foe" file.

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          How are you selecting the file to which you want to set up your external data source?

          Since it is hosted from a server (File maker pro or filemaker server; 10 or 11 makes no difference), you should use open remote to find and add your data source just like you were opening the file as a client. I suspect that you got this error by trying to usea shared directory to directly open the file instead.

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            first I > Manage/Remote File Sources/ > select remote "TWS_data" on host machine.

            then on TOC of client dbl click on Table reference & select remote "TWS_data" as source.

            "trying to use a shared directory" ?

            when adding remote file source I used file selection GUI resulting in;

            File Path: filemac;/jrx/Documents/filemaker/Current file/TWS_data.fp7

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              Please describe step by step how you got this entry entered in Manage | External data sources:

              filemac;/jrx/Documents/filemaker/Current file/TWS_data.fp7

              There's a typo there filemac; should be filemac: and the external data sources reference should be:

              fmnet:/IP Address or DSN name here/TWS_data.fp7

              What you have is a file path directly to the folder where the file is located instead of telling filemaker to connect to the hosting filemaker application and then to the hosted file.

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                With Window _ "Manage External Data Sources"

                click on "NEW" button

                TYPE > Filemaker

                Add File... Button

                    I see where your going /  ... now to set fmnet:/ hostIPAddress /TWS_data

                host address could be URL when I finally move data to web ?

                yes  - ";" was my typo


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                  Oh  by the way

                  YOUR AWSOME!

                  so appreciated

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                    When you click the "add" button, click remote, select the server, then select the hosted file. This should add an "fmnet" entry to the external data source reference.

                    This reference, as far as I know, should work for both IWP and Filemaker client based users.