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Data Separation Model and User Accounts

Question asked by johnhorner on Nov 28, 2011
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Data Separation Model and User Accounts


i am about to convert an existing solution into a data separated solution following the steps outlined on another post ( and i had a couple questions.  currently there are several users each with different privileges.  how does this function in the separation model?  will the users have to log in once to open the interface file and a second time when they try to access data from the data file?  what is the best way to manage accounts with the separation model?  currently some users can add or delete accounts and change the passwords in the single file solution using a script.  if they run this script in the separated solution i assume this will only change the information in the interface file and it will no longer allow a user to access the data file unless the password for that user is updated there too?  can the user account information be changed in both files with a single script or do you need to open up the data file itself?  i'm confused?

also, the post mentioned above stated that certain scripts checked to run with full access won't work unless run from the data file.  i am new to separation and user accounts/privileges so forgive me if these are stupid questions.  but, what does that mean exactly?  do you need to open the data file manually and run a script there or can it all be scripted around and invisible to the user?  which full access scripts won't work unless run in the data file?  are there certain prohibited script steps or is it an unpredictable behavior?  please explain more.  thanks!