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Data Snapshot

Question asked by BobbyO'steen on Apr 24, 2013
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Data Snapshot


     Help Please! I have a database where I keep track of enrollments for different courses. Each course offering is given a unique Class ID.  The enrollments are quantities only and come from another system entirely with no connectivity between that system and the database. I would like to be able to take a snapshot of the enrollment count when a given course confirms. The enrollments may still climb after a course confirms up until the course actually runs.

     I have a field called Students that updates as new enrollments are added. It is a simple calculational field that sums the different enrollment types:

     = POStud + VoucherStud_DV +VoucherStud_CV + Other1Stud + Other2Stud

     This is working fine. I have another field called Student Count at Confirmation. It is a Number field based on a calculated value:

     If (Class Status="Confirmed"; Students; " ")

     The intent is for it to capture or take a snapshot of the student count from Students when the status of the class changes from any other status to “Confirmed”. Under the Options, if I check “Do not replace existing value of field (if any)”, it doesn’t seem to work. If that box is left unchecked, the field will populate with the count when the Class Status changes to Confirmed, but will continue to change as the student count changes. I could really use some ideas. Thanks.