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    Data source Filemaker or MySQL



      Data source Filemaker or MySQL


      I'm planning a project with an straightforward online form and the same form in Filemaker.

      The records from both sides have to come in the same table.


      What is the best structure in this situation? 


      - Using the Filemaker Database where the data comes in from the online form (Server is in the office not dedicated)

      - Using the MySQL Database with ODBC where Filemaker puts in the record directly

      - Or syncing the two databases



      Thank you! 


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          Hello Hans,

          in my opinion the best way would be to use your filemaker server as an IWP host, so your users will enter / edit / change data directly in the filemaker table via instant web publishing.

          But - you should use a dedicated sever.


          Using mysql, sqlserver, or any other sql database via odbc with filemaker would be second, no, third choice. Because large databases via odbc to filemaker are slow, veeeery slow.


          Syncing, or replicating, my fourth choice. Because writing a replication mechanism is not easy. You must keep timestamp of last change, of last replication, and you must have a good algorithm to decide which side will overwrite the other.


          greetings from gemany - hey, it would not take much and we were neighbours





          did i talk about second choice? there is no second choice.