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Data Structure Advice?

Question asked by on Oct 18, 2011
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Data Structure Advice?


Good Morning.  Im trying to build a complex database in the simplest way possible.  This is going to be for a digital edition of our travel guide series, PLACENOTES.  As you can see from the attached Sketch, there are to be 5 "modules" of equal "weight".  Each module has different types of attributes.  For instance, LifeNOTES have "genus" and "species" as fields, whereas HumanNotes have "first name" and "last name" as field.  

The essence will be in the relationships we establish between these modules.  And that is where we are having trouble.

For instance, if someone provides photos of a place, we establish a relationship between "PlaceNOTES" and "HumanNOTES", since as a rule, a photographer must be a human.  But since a PlaceNOTES may have several different photographers, and a photgrapher might take several different images, we created extra tables for "Assign Photographer" and "Portfolio."  (Similarly, we will create other types of those Assignments for writers, architects, landscape architects, etc.)

As you can see from the attached screen shots, the data model provides the photos correctly when looking through portals in the PlaceNOTES and HumanNOTES layout.  However, when we try to see what Human took each photo in the PlaceNOTES portal, it does not report correctly.  

Might anyone have some advice?


I will post more screenshots in subseuent posts.