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Data translation table setup

Question asked by mercator on Dec 22, 2013
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Data translation table setup


     Good morning,

     I am having two tables, call them

     INTERNAL(id UUD, name TEXT, attr TEXT, ...)

     The id is used in other tables as foreign key.

     I would like to load data from an external files repeatedly into the table and set the attribute attr. The external files all have the same structure

     ext_id, ext_attr, e.g,
     1, Hello
     122121, World

     When I import a file for the first time, I would nee to translate the the ext_id to the id used  in the  table INTERNAL. For that, I have set up a translation table

     TRANSLATION(id, externalFileName TEXT, id_INTERNAL, idExternal)

     Now my question: Is there an easy way of having a layout with two portals or alike with:

     - the left portal showing the attribute name of the table INTERNAL

     - reading the external file, populating the portal on the right, showing  the ext_id's of the external files

     - ability to drag an drop the lines of the individual lines on the right to a line on the left, hence creating an entry in  TRANSLATION (and marking the two lines as being done or make them disappear)