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data type changes on excel import > filemaker pro 11

Question asked by StephenSkoutas on Feb 7, 2012
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data type changes on excel import > filemaker pro 11


Hello, I'm brand new here and brand new to FMP11.

I am attempting to create an item database that is fed by existing excel data.  On any given day, my vendors would complete an excel spreadsheet that I have provided to them.  This spreadsheet details common item details (cost, master pack, dimensions, weights, fob points, etc.).  When we receive this spreadsheet from a venodr (essentially a quote), we would like to use the FM import function to pull that excel data into the database so that we can manipulate it further and turn it into our sellable items.

Everything is working wonderfully with the exception of 2 columns (2 out of 30).  Both of those columns are weights in kilograms (one is master carton, the other is net weight of the individual piece).  Both of these columns are defined in excel as a number with 2 digits behind the decimal.  They are formatted in excel using 0.00" KGS" so that if a user enters "2.4" the cell shows "2.40 KGS" and the data entry bar shows "2.4"

When they get imported, they are getting converted to dates.  An Excel value of "5" is showing in FM as 151900.00, but when I click on that result in FM, the value changes to 1/5/1900.  The field type in FM is defined as "number," not "date" so I'm not sure what I'm missing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.