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    Data updates under Vista



      Data updates under Vista


          Should updates under one account (Administrator) not show up when running

       under a standard account in Vista Home Premium operating system ?  Installed
       a Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced program (.exe) on a Vista computer.  Made updates under

       Administrator but they don't show up when logged in as standard account.

          Thanks for your help.  CountryBoy1




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          Thank you for your post.


          The Admin account is set for Full Access.  Does your other account also have Full Access privileges?  If not, do your privileges allow you to view records created by others?  I will need more detailed information about your accounts and privileges.



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            Dear TSGal:

                        The program has two accounts.  One is "Admin" and the

             other is "User1".  The program is normally run under User1.  User1

             has customized record and layout access.  It limits User1 to just 

             one particular layout but allows normal editing.

                        I have run the program in Vista with both administrative and

            standard modes, always in User1 account for the program. I edited

            the data in Vista administrative mode but when I go to Vista standard mode,

            the changes are not there. It appears there are two sets of data, one for

            administrative mode and one for standard mode.

                        Appreciate your help.  CountryBoy1



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              Thanks for the clarification.


              I thought you were talking about FileMaker account privileges.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.


              With your two accounts on Vista, make sure you have the right privileges for read and write.  Create a new database file with one field.  See if you are able to add a record in both Windows accounts, and see if the data is saved.  If not, there is a problem with the system.



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                   Any chance you have two copies of the database file--one that you're opening with the first user account and one that you are opening with the second account? You might try altering the name of your file and then switching accounts. If the 2nd account still shows the original file name, you have two copies of the file.
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                  Dear PhilModJunk:

                          Been delayed on this problem but found out that Vista creates .USR files for Filemaker

                          Executables (see http://filext.com/file-extension/USR for "Filemaker"). By browsing around,

                          found out that a .USR file is created for each Vista account, so therefore, there is an instance

                          for each account.  I think that's why I'm seeing essentially two different programs and when
                          I edit in one, it doesn't show up in the other.  Not really happy about this.