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    Data validation



      Data validation


           I'm told Filemaker is the promised land of  databases but I seem to stumble before entering: in Excel a function 'data validation' allow you to associate a drop menu of choices via an equation of nested if, then's to a number. E.g. a dropmenu of heart rates <60, 61-70,71-80,>80 needs to be associated with numbers 1,2,3 or 4 - which is later to be summed with other numbers from other drop menus to create a 'risk number'. How to do it?

           Please let me in,

           yours sincerely,

           Soren Sondergaard

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               A Case function can take your heart rates text and return the values 1,2,3 or 4. FileMaker can also use the text to look up the values from a related table.

               Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages depending on what you want to do with this information. A key advantage to putting the data in a related table is that you can change what values are returned by editing data in that table instead of having to redesign a calculation used in a calculation field, auto-entered calculation or a script.