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    Data verification



      Data verification




      I have to perform data entry verification. I did not know how to create two tables from one layout, hence I created 3 layouts. I would like to enter information into Layout B and Layout C, i.e. the data is saved into Table B and Table C.


      I need to then enter the subject ID in Layout A, find the matching records from Tables B and C. The values in Tables B and C must be same for the same subject ID. If they are I would like them to appear in Layout A.


      Can anybody help.



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          Replacing the alphabet soup with actual names and telling us a bit more about your database would help us to help you. It's possible that you could do what you want with portals and some relationships that match both values and the ID. It's also possbile that your two tables "A" and "B" should be merged into a single table. Knowing more about your database will tell us if either option or some third approach will work.